Getting Ready for CNY! *Singaporean Edition*

Are you ready for one of the yearly REDDEST festive? This is the first decorative event of the year 2020 where you get to see our streets filled with red decorations to symbolize joy and fortune or a better Singaporean way of saying would be "HUAT!".

As our Streets are all dressed up and ready to welcome CNY, are you ready? Fret not! We listed a number stuff to get from head to toe, home, munchies and even for your car to be 101% HUATTT!.

1. Bak Kwa

This is one of the Must have for household during visit. And without fail, this is one of the most commonly discussed topic.

So we listed a few famous Bak Kwa brands in Singapore(with start price) that will never go wrong.


The one that will never go wrong. This what most would thought as the standard taste for Bak Kwa. Their Freshly BBQ Bak Kwa price start from S$32.40 (600gm) for small munches. For 1kg above:

Sliced pork: S$56/kg Minced pork: S$54/kg Chilli pork: S$58/kg Golden coin: S$56/kg

Bee Cheng Hiang offers a wide range of other product like Vacuum Packed Bak Kwa, Floss and Mini Munchies. Hop on to their Site for all Pricing and Products.


Known for attracting people with their heavenly scented Bak Kwa. Becoming one of the biggest Bak Kwa Chain in Singapore all the way to Malaysia.

Their Freshly BBQ Bak Kwa Price:

Sliced bak kwa: S$56/kg Chilli bak kwa: S$58/kg Gold coin bak kwa: S$56/kg Honey bak kwa: S$56/kg


Known for their consistent queue throughout the whole year and EXTREMELY long queue during CNY, during Non-CNY period they do provide delivery service for Bak Kwa lovers. So if you wish to get Lim Chee Guan Bak Kwa, do head down early before the queue get really really long as they do not do delivery during CNY period(26 Dec~8 Feb). Their Freshly BBQ Bak Kwa price:

Normal: S$52/kg Chilli: S$54/kg Mini BBQ pork: S$48/kg Beef: S$52/kg Fish: S$48/kg Prawn: S$50/kg Gold coin: S$48/kg

2. CNY Bazaar

My Grandparents used to say we have to decorate our home with CNY deco to look auspicious so Cai Shen Ye (God of Fortune) would want to visit and bring wealth to the family.

So every year we would brave through the crowd and shop in Chinatown Bazaar for CNY decorations and goodies for guest during visiting, but now the Bazaar is located all around Singapore, some could be even just around the corner of your neighborhood.

Credit: Singapore Night Bazaar

List of CNY Bazaar Available:

Jurong West Blk 501~508: 23/12/2019~23/01/2020

Chinatown (OG): 26/12/2019~24/01/2020

Bedok Central: 29/12/2019~23/01/2020

West Mall Outdoor: 30/12/2019~23/01/2020

Bukit Panjang MRT (Hillion Mall): 03/01/2020~23/01/2020

Ang Mo Kio Hub Outdoor: 10/01/2020~24/01/2020

Grandstand Turf Club: 10/01/2020~23/01/2020

3. Li Chun (立春)

This is the first festival celebrated on the Chinese Lunar calendar and Li Chun (立春) signifies “The Beginning of Spring”.

In other countries, where there's four seasons, Li Chun is celebrated as the first season after winter where people would plant seeds to promote the start of a good harvest (丰收) for the year which will result in steady income.

But in Singapore we celebrate Li Chun by depositing (planting) money into our bank during certain auspicious hours according to your zodiac for good monetary harvest for the year.

Credit: Feng Shui Beginner

4. Everything New

Ever wonder why do we have to wear new clothes during Lunar New Year?

Based on Ancient Chinese History, there's a saying: “驱邪降吉祥” mean wearing new clothes is to ward off evil and bring luck and back then most people do not have high living standard, so getting new clothes for the new year as a reward for past year hard work and as a form of celebration.

But over the years the means have evolved to “leaving the bad behind and welcoming the good (除旧迎新)” so most people would acquire as much new stuff or refurbish as much stuff as possible.

Credit: Tao Bao

Clothes: TAOBAO - for the cheaper alternative and extreme wide range of choice option.

Tips: Search for shipper on TaoBao for cheaper (shipping rates is cheaper, better exchnage rates and when you check out your goods to Chinese address taobao doesn’t charge you tax) and faster shipping option (air ship: 4-5 working days, sea ship: 10-12 days. Number if days start from receiving of goods at their warehouse)

MBS - if you’re a fan of labelled clothing shopping at MBS allows you to collect points from your purchase and points can be use to redeem complimentary parking or can be accumulated and use as cash credit to deduct stuff you purchase. (Chanel, LV and Hermès not included)


For cars and bike owners, wash, groom or refurbish your car just before CNY as during CNY you shouldn’t do any cleaning as it would be cleaning away your good luck (same as your home). So most people will go for Ceramic Coating instead of changing a new wrap or colour (cheaper option for a brand new look). Don’t forget about the interior as well, hopefully it is so clean that Cai Shen would wanna hitch a ride as well.

Credit: Paramount Detailing


9H Ceramic Coating - $188

Exterior Grooming - $88

Interior Grooming - $68

Pest Fumigation - $48

Premium Snow Spa - $50 (CNY Promo pricing; do call/whatsapp to enquire if your booking after CNY)

6. Cannot wear new shoes

You must be wondering, everything has to new and refurbished but why not shoes. According to an old myth, Shoe in Chinese; 鞋 (xié), which sound very similar to the word 邪 (xié); evil and if your shoes prick and hurt your feet like how most new shoes does it will imply that this year would be a tough year for you.

7. Spring Clean

Always do a spring cleaning before CNY, this has the same interpretations as (4) to rid of bad old and welcoming the new good (除旧迎新). But during CNY eve you can do your last and final sweeping to get yourself prep for CNY, but you have to sweep inwards towards your home so that you won't be sweeping your good luck away.

So if you have a big house or too busy to do a spring clean yourself, there's tons of cleaning companies running CNY spring cleaning promo and would be done within a few hours!

Some cleaning companies do provide extra services such as, sanitizing all your fabric furnitures.

Credit: Way Feng Shui


- Search from Carousell for most cost-efficient and best deals (easier to nego too).

- Combine cleaning of multiple items would usually comes with discount or rebates. It's so much cheaper than sending your carpet for dry cleaning only. (etc, standard carpet cleaning is $90, if you clean sofa too carpet would be $50 per piece)

8. Shou Ye (守夜) - staying up for the night

This is a Chinese tradition where family members will gather and stay up for the night, usually right after reunion dinner. It is said that if the younger ones in the family tree would stay up for the night during CNY Eve till the first day of CNY, will result their parents, elders to live longer.

Another tradition is to Welcome Cai Shen Ye (God of Wealth) so make sure the lights at home is switch on brightly all the way till dawn.


9. 满 - Full

For Chinese speaking individuals, this is a commonly everyday used word. But on CNY it have it's special meaning. Its believed that filling up the Rice bucket at home ensures abundance in food/provision for the family for the new year.

Its the same interpretation as depositing your money to fill your Bank full and Filling up your Car with full petrol.

Credit: SGCODE

That's all for GETTING READY FOR CNY, hopefully the Myth and Guides would bring you all the Huat you want for this 2020.


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